How it works

Tooteko makes art accessible to the blind and visually impaired by integrating tactile exploration with audio data.  Tooteko is made of 3 elements:
  • 1

    High-tech Ring

    detects and reads the NFC tags and communicates in wireless mode with the smart device

  • 2

    Tactile surface

    During tactile exploration special sensors are triggered by the nearness of the finger tips

  • 3

    Tooteko App

    Receive an audio feedback on your smart device via a dedicated app, compatible with all platforms

NFC inside


Itʼs simple: you touch the object,
while you listen to the audio track.

Tooteko is much more than this!

Take a look at our services for cultural heritage
exhibit design

For museums, galleries and cultural institutions from the sketch to the constructive design


Simply install the free WooCommerce plugin and set up and easily style your online shop.

3D Scan & print

Display your qualities and highlight your productivity in different languages with this plugin.

Virtual Reality

Engaging immersive experiences for museums, libraries and cultural institutions


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