Tooteko at the Ara Pacis Museum 

14th March 2017


Tooteko technology is from now available at the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome!


The Art for the Blind project was inaugurated March 14, 2017 at the Ara Pacis Museum, designed by Richard Meier for the Ara Pacis, a more than 2,000 year old “Altar of Peace” to honor the return of Augustus to Rome.

“Art for the Blind” is a unique experimental project, where visitors suffering from blindness or reductive eye conditions can access the extraordinary heritage of the museum and ‘get in touch’ with the mythical past of the city of Rome through a special multi-sensorial exploration.

Tooteko provides the technology underlying the project: Tooteko ring recognizes the sensors applied alongside the works of art  and starts the descriptive audio information on a tablet, with audio notes that tell anecdotes and stories related to the segments that are being touched in that moment.

In addition, a digitized Thermoform tactile map of the museum is available, with useful information (e.g. physical obstacles) for greater autonomy within the museum space. 

Along the way, in six points, the visitor can hear a description of the Campus Martius area – as it appeared at the time of Augustus – meet the protagonists of the imperial family and, thanks to the model of the Ara, explore different architectural segments of the monument as well as the panels of Mother Earth, the processions of the goddess Rome and sacrifice of Aeneas. Finally, the original monument is available for an inside visit of the altar and exploration one of the panels of the vegetation frieze.

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